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Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner 'S' Bag Pack of 5 9000844804 (Genuine)

Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner 'S' Bag Pack of 5 9000844804 (Genuine)
Vacuum Cleaner 'S' Bag 
Part No:- 9000844804
To fit Brands:- Electrolux
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Updated:- May2012
Electrolux, Airmax Green, Bolido, Clario 2, Classic Silence, Ergobox, Ergomini, Ergospace, Ergospace Green, Essensio, Excellio, Harmony Line, Jetmaxx, Jetmaxx Green, Mondo Plus, Oxygen, Oxygen +, Smartvac, Superpro, Ultra Silencer Green, Ultraone, Ultraone Green, Viva Control, Viva Quickstop, XXL 00 > XXL300, XXL 2253, XXL 2254, XXL 2271, XXL 2272, XXL TT 11, XXL TT 14, Z1900 > Z2095, Z2200 > Z2299, Z2253 XXL, Z2254 XXL, Z2271 XXL, Z2272 XXL, Z3300 > Z3395, Z3322, Z3381, Z3382, Z4500 > Z4595, Z4510, Z5000 > Z5295, Z5010, Z5020, Z5025, Z5028, Z5030, Z5040, Z5045, Z5210, Z5211, Z5228, Z5229, Z5500 > Z5695, Z5520, Z5540, Z5550, Z5900 > Z5995, Z5935, Z5942, Z6160, Z6200, Z6201, Z68FD1 > Z68FD9, Z7320 > Z7399, Z7510 > Z7549, Z8800 > Z8899, Z8800/P > Z8899/P, Z8800/T > Z8899/T, Z9000, ZAM6100 > ZAM6199, ZAM6210 > ZAM6290, ZAMG6200, ZCS2000 > ZCS2999, ZE2200 > ZE2299, ZE2210, ZE2220, ZE2233, ZE2277, ZE2400, ZE2410, ZE305, ZE306, ZE307, ZE308, ZE309, ZE310, ZE311, ZE312, ZE313, ZE314, ZE315, ZE316, ZE317, ZE318, ZE319, ZE320, ZE321, ZE322, ZE323, ZE324, ZE325, ZE326, ZE327, ZE328, ZE329, ZE330, ZE331, ZE332, ZE333, ZE334, ZE335, ZE336, ZE337, ZE338, ZE339, ZE340, ZE341, ZE342, ZE343, ZE344, ZE345, ZE346, ZE347, ZE348, ZE349, ZE350, ZE351, ZE352, ZE353, ZE354, ZE355, ZE356, ZE357, ZE358, ZE359, ZE360, ZE361, ZEG300, ZEG301, ZEG320, ZEO5400 > ZEO5499, ZG8800, ZJG6800 > ZJG6899, ZJM6800 > ZJM6899, ZJM68FD1, ZJM69FD1, ZJM70FD1, ZJM71FD1, ZJM72FD1, ZJM73FD1, ZJM74FD1, ZJM75FD1, ZJM76FD1, ZJM77FD1, ZJM78FD1, ZJM79FD1, ZJM80FD1, ZJM81FD1, ZJM82FD1, ZJM83FD1, ZJM84FD1, ZJM85FD1, ZJM86FD1, ZJM87FD1, ZJM88FD1, ZJM89FD1, ZJM90FD1, ZJM91FD1, ZJM92FD1, ZJM93FD1, ZJM94FD1, ZJM95FD1, ZJM96FD1, ZJM97FD1, ZJM98FD1, ZO6300 > ZO6399, ZP3505, ZP3506, ZP3507, ZP3508, ZP3509, ZP3510, ZP3511, ZP3512, ZP3513, ZP3514, ZP3515, ZP3516, ZP3517, ZP3518, ZP3519, ZP3520, ZP3521, ZP3522, ZP3523, ZP3524, ZP3525, ZP3526, ZP3527, ZP3528, ZP3529, ZP3530, ZT7740, ZT7741, ZT7742, ZT7743, ZT7744, ZT7745, ZT7746, ZT7747, ZT7748, ZT7749, ZT7750, ZT7751, ZT7752, ZT7753, ZT7754, ZT7755, ZT7756, ZT7757, ZT7758, ZT7759, ZT7760, ZT7761, ZT7762, ZT7763, ZT7764, ZT7765, ZT7766, ZT7767, ZT7768, ZT7769, ZT7770, ZUS3326 > ZUS3396, ZUS3920 > ZUS3990, ZUS3920/P > ZUS3990/P, ZUS39200 > ZUS39900, ZUSG3000, ZUSG3900, ZUSG3901, ZV1010 > ZV1050, ZVQ2100, ZVQ2101, ZVQ2102, ZVQ2103, ZVQ2104, ZVQ2105, ZXM7010, ZXM7011, ZXM7012, ZXM7013, ZXM7014, ZXM7015, ZXM7016, ZXM7017, ZXM7018, ZXM7019, ZXM7020, ZXM7021, ZXM7022, ZXM7023, ZXM7024, ZXM7025, ZXM7026, ZXM7027, ZXM7028, ZXM7029, ZXM7030, ZXM7031, ZXM7032, ZXM7033, ZXM7034, ZXM7035,
Exserve Essential Bag: Pack of 5
Exserve Essential Bag: Pack of 5
Part # EXSE200
Price: 5.47
* Normal stock item Please allow 5-7 WORKING days for delivery thank you
Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner 'S' Bag Pack of 5 (Genuine)
Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner 'S' Bag Pack of 5 (Genuine)
Part # 9000844804
Price: 6.91
OOS Normally delivered in 5-7working days for **special order items please allow up to 30 (w) days